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Add contacts in Office 365

This guide will show you how to add contacts in Office 365.


Watch the video tutorial here.


IMPORTANT:  There is a difference between My Contacts and Shared contacts.

- My Contacts can only be seen in the account they are created. If you add a contact to your account, no other user can see or use this contact.

NOTE: The same goes for distribution groups. Only administrators can view those.

- Shared Contacts can be seen by all Office 365 users. If you add a contact to your account, all Office 365 users can see or use this contact.


1. Log on to Microsoft Online Portal.


2. Click on People.

Click on People


3. My Contacts will show your personal contacts.

NOTE: These contacts are only visible when you are logged in to this account.

My Contacts


4. All users will show you all contacts of your entire Office365 account within your organisation.

All Users


5. All Contacts will show your Shared contacts.

NOTE: These can be used and seen from all of you Office365 accounts within your organisation.

All Contacts


 6. To create a new personal contact > click new.

Click New


7. Choose create contact.

Create Contact


8. Enter in the requiered fields with information for the new personal contact > Click save.

NOTE: To add additional information, click the plus signs.

Create Contact then save


To create a shared contact

9. Click Admin > Exchange.


IMPORTANT! If you cannot find the Admin button> you need to change the type of your account:

How to change the type of your Office365 account  

Click Admin then Excahnge


10. In the tabs, choose contacts.

Choose Contacts


11. Click the plus sign (+) > choose Mail contact.

Choose Mail contact


12. Enter in the contact information > click save.

Fill in all contact information then click save


13. Navigate back to People > select All contacts.

NOTE: Verify that your new Shared contact is added.

Shared Contact created


14. Congratulations.

You have now added contacts in your Office 365 account.