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Back up and Migration Mail to O365 - Kiosk

This guide shows how to back-up and migrate e-mail and data to Office 365.


1. Export the data to a Outlook data file (.PST)

a. Go to File - Open - Import

b. Choose Export to a File and click Next

c. Select the Outlook data file (.PST) and click Next.

d. Select the top item (Personal Folders or e-mail address),

    Include subfolders and click Next.

e. Click on Browse and select where to save the file.

f.Click finish. The file will now be created.


2. Set up new pop e-mail account

a. Start Outlook 2010- File- Add Account.

b. Choose Manually configure server settings or additional server types, click Next.

c. Choose Internet E-Mail, click Next

d. On Add New e-mail accountyou fill in the following details:

     Your name: the displayname to be shown when receiving your e-mail and click Next

     E-mail Addressfull e-mail address (

     User Name: full e-mail address 

     Password: Password for the email address

e.Type in incoming and outgoing mail servers and click Next.



     Enable SSL 

f. Click Test Account settings to verify account. If you get an error message, then repeat the

    above steps to see if you haven?t forgotten anything. If not, click Next.

g. Congratulations your e-mail account is ready for use, Click Finish.


3. Import .Pst file

a. In Outlook, go to File - Open - Import.

b. Select Import from another program or file.

c. Select the Outlook data file (PST).

d. Browse to the exported (.PST) and click Next.

e. Select Import items into the same folder in and click Finish.

Your existing e-mail and related data will now be imported to your new Microsoft Office 365 account.