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O365 Kiosk Android Phone

This guide will show you how to set up a O365 Kiosk licence on your Android Phone.


1. On your Android Phone, select Applications - Settings - Accounts & sync - Add account - Manual setup.


2. In Incoming settings screen, select POP3.


3. In Email address and Username screen, fill in twice your full e-mail address and click Next. 

For example:




4. In Password, fill in your e-mail password.


5. In POP3 server, enter your incoming server name (POST):


6. In Security type  and Server port, specify the POP settings. 


7. In the Outgoing server settings screen, make sure the login required option is selected and fill in the Username and Password.


8. In outgoing server screen, enter the SMTP outgoing server name (SMTP):


9. In Security type  and Server port, specify the SMTP settings.


10. Now enter Account name (the name of your new e-mail account).

For example: Office365 email.

and in Your Name (the username displayed when sending an e-mail).

For example Tony Smith.


11. Click Finish.

Congratulations! You have now set up an O365 Kiosk licence on your Android Phone.