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Domain transfer to ACTIVE 24

Domain transfer to ACTIVE 24

In order to transfer domains with the with extensions .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ, .ME, .CC, .TV, .NAME, .MOBI, .AS, it is necessary to obtain the "Authorization code" from the current registrar and make sure the domain is "unlocked".

The domain must be at least 60 days before expiration date.
IMPORTANT: Transnational domains cannot be transferred the first 60 days after registration or change of ownership. The domain change needs to be done at least 60 days before expiration date.

To request a domain transfer to ACTIVE 24:
1. Login to the ACTIVE 24 Customer Centre with your login details.
2. Go to "Services/Domains/Domain transfer". 

Here you can enter a specific domain (including the extension)

3. Click "Continue" to proceed according to the instructions to order the domain transfer to ACTIVE 24.

Domain transfer to ACTIVE 24 

4. In order to end the domain transfer, you have to approve the transfer fee. 

Both domain transfer as domain registration will be charged according to our domain price list.  


5. The domain transfer request will occur after payment.


6. After ACTIVE 24 has received the payment, an approval email with a payment summary will be sent to the email address, as stated in Contact Details within your Customer Centre.


IMPORTANT: Do not forget to choose ACTIVE 24 nameservers.

IMPORTANT: For the transfer of a .US domain, it is also necessary to obtain Authinfo from the current registrar and to make sure that the domain is in the unlocked condition. Send this to us afterwards by the Authorized request from the Customer Center