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MS Outlook 2010 email settings - ACTIVE 24 E-mail (POP/IMAP)

MS Outlook 2010 email settings - ACTIVE 24 E-mail (POP/IMAP)


This guide shows you how to manually set up your ACTIVE 24 E-mail account (POP3/IMAP) in MS Outlook 2010.


Email settings:

The basic settings you need to send and receive emails are:

- Server: POP3/IMAP/SMTP:

- POP3: port 995, SSL safety

- IMAP: port 993, SSL safety

- SMTP: port 465, SSL safety, OR: port 587, TLS/AUTO safety


Set up ACTIVE 24 E-mail on MS Outlook 2010:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2010.


2. Select "File" and "Add Account".


3.  Select the account type POP3 or IMAP and click "Next".

4. Enter your name, email address, password and confirm your password.


5. Select below "Manually configure server settings or additional server types" and click "Next".


6. Select "Internet e-mail" and click "Next". 

7. Select account type POP3/IMAP and enter the following details:


-Name: name of email account

-E-mail address: full email address


8. Use the following email settings for incoming and outgoing mail server, depending on the type of email you use:


Differences POP3-IMAP

- In POP3, select "Keep a copy of messages on server", if you want to store your messages on the mail server after downloading into Outlook. This way, your email will remain available on the server, after opening your local mail program. This option can result in a lack of mailbox storage. Please note that you can choose to delete the messages from the server at a certain time or after their removal from Outlook.

 - IMAP prevents deleting messages from the server when they are downloaded to Outlook, as it works directly with the mail server. If you want to use IMAP, you must choose "Account Type" IMAP instead of POP3. And change the incoming email server into IMAP + port 993. The option "Keep a copy of messages on server" is not available. 



Incoming email server:

POP3: port 995, SSL safety



Incoming email server:

IMAP: port 993, SSL safety



Username: full email address.

Password: your password.

Select "Save password"


9. Click on "More Settings". Click on "Server for outgoing e-mail".


10. In "Outgoing Server" select "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) requires authentication".

and "Use same settings as my incoming server".


11. Select "Advanced". Choose for "Outgoing (SMTP-)Server".

SMTP: port 465, SSL safety, OR: port 587, TLS/AUTO safety.


12.Click on "OK" to confirm settings and then "Next". Outlook 2010 will now test your settings.

When this is done, you can close. Then click on "Finish".


13. Congratulations. Your ACTIVE 24 (POP3/IMAP) mail account has now been installed in MS Outlook 2010. Now you can check if you can send and receive emails by sending yourself an email from MS Outlook 2010.