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Android email settings - Mailbox PLUS (Exchange/ActiveSync)

Android email settings - Mailbox PLUS (Exchange/ActiveSync)


This guide will show you how to setup Mailbox PLUS (Exchange/ActiveSync) on your Android phone or tablet.


Support for Exchange/ActiveSync ensures seamless "PUSH" synchronization of all data, including contacts and tasks stored on the server plus email mailbox Active24 email solutions. Mobile users therefore have immediate access to your shared and personal information.


NOTE: We recommend setting an autodiscover record on your domain. This will enable the automatic setup of the mailbox, without the need to manually change any other settings. If your domain is using ACTIVE 24 name servers, this record is automatically been set for you.
Click here to see how you can setup an Autodiscover record. 


Email settings:

The basic settings you need to setup for your account are:

- Email address: your full email address
- Password: the password for your email address
- Server: please click here to see how you can find your email server


1. Click on "Application", choose "Email", "Exchange account" and "Exchange".


 2. Complete the following fields:

-Domain-username: \full e-mail address (preceded by a backslash)

-Password: password for e-mail account

-Exchange-server: e.g.

Click on "Next".

NOTE: The Exchange server name can vary.(e.g., or can find the correct exchange server name, after login to the Webmail in the URL address. 


3. Select Account options and choose "Next".


4. Select "Settings" under Setup email and click on "Done". <<---- ?????