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Add an Email Alias in O365

This guide will show you how to add an email alias in Office365.


Watch the video tutorial here.


An alias must be created to prevent a bounce back when sending to the wrong email address. With an e-mail alias different mail addresses are directly delivered to your personal mailbox.   


1. Log in to Microsoft Portal as administrator. 

2. Go to Admin - General Settings - Users & Groups.

Add an Email Alias in O365 general settings


3. Expand the selection for E-mail options. 

Select the user, and click the Manage email aliases link (right of the user?s name).

4. Select check box, click Edit and click on Email addresses.

5. Does this user need to receive email at additional addresses?, click Yes

(For example:


6. In the text box, type the first part of the new email alias.

NOTE: If you have added your own domain to Office 365, choose the domain for the new email alias from the drop-down list.


7. Click Add to add your alias(es) and Save. 

0365 Save

8.You have added an Email Alias in O365.

Important: E-mails sent to the aliases will still appear in your inbox as sent to your original e-mail address. 


NOTE: You are NOT able to reply from an alias address or setup rules towards e-mail send to an alias. If this is desired, use create Distribution Groups.