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Email Forwarding to Office 365

This guide shows you how to set up forwarding existing mail from a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account to 0365.


If you have an Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail-Live account, you may want to set up e-mail forwarding, so e-mail arrives directly to your Microsoft Office 365 address.


1. Log into your Gmail account.

2. Click on Options ? Mail Settings.

3. Click the Forwarding and POP / IMAP.
4. Click on Add a forwarding address.
5. Enter the new e-mail address and click Next.
6. Log in to Microsoft Office 365.
7. Click on Outlook on the top of the page to read new e-mail.
8. Click on the verification link in the e-mail to complete  forwarding.



1. Login to your Yahoo account. 

2. Click on Options ? More Options

3. Select POP & Forwarding. 

4. Type the email address into Forward Mail to the Following Address field

    and Save Changes. An email address verification window opens.

5. Click on Send Verification Code.

6. Copy Yahoo´s verification code in the 0365 email.

7. Return to Yahoo and paste the verification code in Pop & Forwarding.

8. Click Done to complete e-mail forwarding.


1. Login to your Hotmail or Hotmail Live account.
2. Click on Options.
3. Under Manage your account, select Forward e-mail.
4. Select Forward e-mail to another e-mail account.
5. Enter the new e-mail address and click Save.



You have now set up e-mail forwarding to your new Microsoft Office 365 account.