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Create Distribution Groups in O365

This guide will show you how to create distribution groups in Office 365.


There are three different types of distribution groups that can be created:


* Personal distribution groups (used ONLY by account they are created in)

Internal distribution groups (used ONLY by all users within the organization)

* Public distribution groups (used by ANYONE internal or external)


 When using one of these groups, you can send emails to multiple recipients or a project team without having to insert each email individually.


 1Log in as administrator on Microsoft Online Portal.


NOTE: No Administrator account? Check this guide first: 

How to change the type of your Office365 account.



 2. Click on People.

0365 People


3. Go to Admin, choose Distribution groups.

4. Click New (+) to create a new Distribution Group.



Option 1: Create a new PERSONAL distribution group

Personal distribution groups can only be accessed by the account they where created in


5. Click New (+). 

 Click on new


 6. Click on Create group.

 Click create group


7. Enter in your group name and search in the memberfield to add group members.
Search for members to add


8. Click Save.

 Click save


9. Congratulations. You have now created a new personal distribution group.

NOTE: The group can be found under My Contacts.

 My personal group created


NOTE: For personal distribution groups all contacts need to be added to My Contacts. 
For internal and public distribution groups all contacts needs to be added as global/shared contacts. Here is how to add contacts in Office365: How to add contacts in Office365



Option 2: Create a new INTERNAL distribution group

Internal distribution groups can only be accessed only by all users within the organization.

For example: to create a newsletter for internal organization use only.


10. Click Admin-> Exchange. 
Click Exchange


11. Select groups.


Select groups


12. Click  + (the plus sign) - choose Distribution group.


Choose Distribution group


13. Enter in the required fields 
Fill in the required feilds

 14. Use + (the plus sign) to add group owners and -members

 Add Owners and Members

 15. Select if group members should be able to join or leave as they want. Click Save.

Select owner approval then click save


16. Congratulations. Your internal distribution group is now created.

NOTE: You can now use this email address to send emails to all groupmembers. 
Internal distribution group created


Option 3: Create a new PUBLIC distribution group

Public distribution groups can  be accessed by anyone inside and outside the organization. 

For example: use to send an email to all members.  


17. Click  on group -> click  Edit (pencil icon)  to edit  group properties. 
Click the pen icon


18. Here you can see all group properties.
NOTE: For more information: use help-option.

 Distribution group properites


19. Click Delivery Management, choose Send outside and inside my organisation,click Save.
NOTE: This will make the distribution group accessible to anyone. 

 Make the distribution group accessible to anyone


20. Congratulations. Your public distribution group is now created.
NOTE: The e-mail address can be used by anyone within and outside the organization to send mails to all members. Public distribution group is created