Choose appropriate domain extension

Choose appropriate domain extension. It is not only important to choose a good domain name. You should also pay attention to the domain extension. Learn what types of extensions (the part after the dot) exist and how to choose the most appropriate domain extension.

Domain extension

Have you found a good domain name?

Great work! Time for the next step:

  • Include several other extensions of the same domain name.
  • Link these domain extensions to your main domain name.
  • This prevents your competitors steal your brand name.
  • Visitors still arrive at your site, even with the "wrong domain name extension".

Choose appropriate domain extension

Choose appropriate domain extension

What is the most appropriate domain extension?

It all depends on your audience, identity and location.

  1. Choose the domain extension based on:

    • Audience: Who is your audience?
      Identity: What is their (sub)culture?
      Location: Where are theu based? In which region/country?
  2. Also, think of new domain name extensions.
  3. Avoid free domain extensions such .TK - they undermine your professionalism.

General domain extensions

  • .CO.UK is the most popular domain extension on the English market (location). If your website focuses on the English market, a or .uk extension are the best options.
  • .COM and .EU are the best option if you are internationally oriented and doing business with foreign countries (identity).
  • TIP: Register your .com, .net, and .EU domain extension together. This prevents your competitor to register your domain to harm your brand.

New domain extensions

  • "Innovation" is important to adapt to the market needs.
  • Therefore, working with new domain name extensions such as .store, .online or .business (target group) is inevitable.
  • TIP: Make sure that you have general domain extensions!
    However, only possessing an "unknown" domain extension, may reduce your professional image and credibility.
  • You can also loose web visitors, if your competitor does have registered .CO.UK version of your domain instead of you.

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