ACTIVE 24 mailboxes are available for your PC and mobile device. Your new mailbox will always be at your hand. ACTIVE 24 E-mail enables sharing of calendars, tasks, documents, files and contacts.

If you want to use additional features like bulk chat and video calls directly from webmail, or online document management, order Mailbox Plus.

If your ACTIVE 24 E-mail is already active and you wish to upgrade to a PLUS mailbox, please, contact our customer support.

ACTIVE 24 E-mail

active 24 email


£ 3.26 £ 1.86 excl. VAT per month

£ 2.23 Price incl. VAT

Mailbox PLUS

You can order Mailbox Plus to each mailbox included in the basic package with 5 mailboxes

£ 4.99 excl. VAT per month

£ 5.99 Price incl. VATT

*The special offer only applies to new orders for the first billing pay period. We charge the standard price according to the valid price list for the next billing period.

Complet Price list

Service Price excl. VAT per month Price incl. VAT per month
basic plan (5 mailboxes) £3.26 - action £1.86 £3.91
more mailboxes (per mailbox) £0.64 £0.77
Mailbox Plus £4.99 £5.99
Mail archive £0.98 £1.18
Domain alias £0.84 £1.14
Webmail free free

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Email archive

e-mail archive

Mailbox archive 

£0.98 Excl. VAT ( £1.18 incl. VAT)

We back up your messages sent from Webmail and all incoming messages. You will be able to restore them directly in your Webmail for 30 days. You will thus not lose any messages even if you accidentally delete them.

Here you can order Mailbox archive including the basic service plan ACTIVE 24 E-mail.

Domain alias

domain alias

Domain alias

£0.84 Excl. VAT (£1.14 incl. VAT)

Do you use multiple domains but do not want to work with multiple mailboxes? A domain alias is a right choice for you. You can simply direct your domains to our mail servers and your mailboxes will work on multiple domains at the same time.

Here you can order Domain alias including the basic service plan ACTIVE 24 E-mail.