Domain Action Fraud: This will prevent it!

Domain Action fraud. Been there? You receive a warning email, that your domain registration is about to expire. At first, it seems a formal email. Moreover, there is a matter of urgency too. But beware of this domain registration fraud. Find out here what it is and how to prevent it.

Warning signs

If you do not pay attention, you will be vulnerable.How do you recognise domain registration fraud? A fraudulent domain registration email is barely distinguishable from the original company mail. Yet there are differences:

Here are the warning signs for you in a row.

Domain Action Fraud Example

1: Fictional domain registration

  • Domain expires: Is it claimed that your domain name will expire soon?
  • Domainregistration: Or the sender wants to register your domain name?

  • 2: Unknown email address

  • Unknown e-mail address: Email is NOT coming from current provider?
  • Unsolicited contact: by mail, email or phone?

  • 3: Shockingly high amount

  • Penalty: you are forced to pay the amount swiftly?
  • Higher rate: than normal domain registration or renewals?

  • 4: Unofficial domain regulator

    Is the sender not registered with an official domain regulator?

  • ICANN stands for
    Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.
  • Registration Partner:
    An Internet service provider can also be a member through a registration partner. ASCIO is an official ICANN-member and ACTIVE24s official domain registration partner. If you register a domain by ACTIVE 24, you will receive a verification email from ASCIO domain.

  • 5: Payment Reminder in stead off bill

    Is it a misleading quote for undelivered services? A reminder for an extension of existing services? Or a VAT invoice?

    Misleading quote

  • No bill: The email looks like a bill, but it is not.
  • Lowercase: Here you will read that it is a quotation, not a bill.
  • Payment Obligation: Payment for this expensive quote is NOT required.
  • Result: You will NOT receive online services.

  • Payment Reminder (Pro-forma invoice)

  • Proforma invoice: accepted European payment request.
  • Grace period: You have a 10 day grace period to pay.
  • Payment Obligation: You are NOT required to pay this offer.
  • Choice: the customer chooses to use online services.
  • You opt for extension:
  • Payment: within 10 days.
  • Online services:extended automatically.
  • VAT invoice: after payment.
  • You opt for termination:
  • Payment: too late or not.
  • Result: Domain name in quarantine.
    Online services will be deleted from the server.

  • VAT invoice

  • VAT invoice: Upon payment of the online services (Domain extension, email, hosting, website or server), you will receive an VAT-invoice.

  • 6: Domain not traceable

    At Domain Control, there is evidence of:

  • The claimed domain name is still available.
  • The domain name is not expired yet.
  • The domain registration company is not traceable over the Internet.

  • All signs that you're dealing with domain registration fraud.

    Domain Action Fraud

    Prevent Domain Action Fraud

    This will help prevent domain registration fraud:

    1: Check domain status

  • Enter a domain check on our domain registration page.
  • To check whether the specific domain name is available.
  • Check WHOIS information in the ACTIVE24 Control Panel.
  • Login via the control panel and select the Domain section. Click the desired domain name and check or change the domain details. Change under Domain Name Servers or DNS. Here you will find all the information domain, known at Whois.
  • Check domain status through WHO.IS
  • Among others: domain Status-owner, registration and due date and technically address. You can also customise your details here.

    2: Contact Customer Service

    If in doubt, always contact our customer service.
    We can immediately look up the current status of your domain name for you.

    3: No unknown domain provider

  • Do NOT enter a domain check on untrustworthy websites.
  • Sometimes this automatically registers your domain name and you are then forced to purchase it for a high price.
  • Do not Trust unknown providers- that approach you with tempting offers, without further notice.
  • The misleading parties are only interested in your money.

    4: Inform staff about fraud cases

    Make sure your staff is aware of a fraud.

    5: Seeing is believing

    Never just agree. Do not let yourself be put under pressure by a domain registration business. Nore take any hasty decisions.

    Report Domain Action Fraud

    Register Domain Action Fraud:

    Already paid! If you agreed to a misleading offer, then you are sadly unintended victim of an offense. You can take the following steps to combat this domain registration fraud and other fraud:

    1: Keep all communication

  • Collect and store all communications (letters, e-mails, documents, phone calls) with and from the fraudsters.
  • Evidence: For police and judicial authorities, this communication is very important evidence.

  • 2: Declare

  • Always report to the police : contact the local police or visit a police station by appointment.
  • Let the official authority draw up an official fraud report.

  • 3: Research your legal rights

  • Examination after payment, your status and what legal steps you can take to get your money back if necessary.

  • 4: Report fraud to fraud agencies

  • Report the fraudulent practices to Action Fraud.

  • More information

  • Read more about Domain Action Fraud on Action Fraud.
  • Unsure about an pro-forma invoice? Contact our customer service.
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