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gTLD. ACTIVE 24 offers new domain names. This article explains why, what the advantages and disadvantages of new gTLDs are and how new gTLDs affect the visibility of your website.

Types of TLDs

Each site is associated with a domain name and ends with a top-level domain (TLD), the part after the dot. E.g. in ".com" is the TLD. There are two types of TLDs:

  • General Top Level Domains (gTLDs): for specific users.
  • Country-specific domain (ccTLD): for a specific area.


New TLDs

In 2011 ICANN decided to allow the creation of an unlimited number of new gTLDs. This decision was taken to increase innovation and competition in the Internet market. The popularity of the Internet and the limited number of available domain name extensions made it harder for new Internet users to registrar, a free domain name.

The new gTLDs have various categories e.g.:

  • Geographically : .UK, .GLOBAL
  • General : .EXPERT
  • Communities: .CLUB
  • Brand: .GOOGLE

Advantages and disadvantages gTLDs

New gTLDs have a big impact on how companies promote themselves and use the Internet and email. Below we highlight some advantages and disadvantages of the new gTLDs for you at a glance:


With a new domain name extensions ( gTLDs ) you can:

  • Distinguish yourself from your competitors.
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Register a specific domain name that fits perfectly with your brand and company.
  • Be easier to find in search engines: with a specific keyword.
  • cons

    A new domain name extension (gTLDs) also has disadvantages:

  • Higher costs for trademark protection.
  • Unfamiliarity of users with new extension.
  • SEO for new TLDs

    Google search engine algorithm clearly prefers websites that provide the most relevant content for online web visitors. At the same time the Internet giant working to reduce the importance of keywords in the domain name. Google engineer Matt Cutts, indicates that new gTLDs have no higher priority than existing gTLDs:

    Yet there are clear advantages:

  • You create an easy to remember URL
  • You will receive more links from relevant keywords:
    "Seotips" is easier to find if your domain name is "".
  • Protect your brand or company name

    The arrival of the new gTLDs will bring new choices. We advise you to protect your brand and company name by registering the corresponding gTLD.

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