The Domain Name Lifecycle

The Domain name lifecycle.

If you are thinking about buying a domain, you need to know about what happens between registration, and deletion of a domain name. The domain lifecycle can be broken down into five main phases.


Domain name lifecycle

By understanding the lifecycle of a domain you can make sure you never lose your domain name, and how you can also nab that domain name you have been waiting for.


Phase 1: Available

The first phase is to check whether the domain is available or not.
If the domain is "Available", it is open for registration and purchase.
To check if your domain is available use our name search here.

Phase 2: Active

Once you have registered and paid for a domain, it is now “Active”.
After registration the domain must stay with its original registrar for a minimum of 60 days. After this, it can be transferred to another registrar.
The domain name will remain registered for the duration of the term paid for. You must renew the domain name before the expiry date if you want to keep it. You must renew, and pay your invoice on time to prevent domains from expiring

Phase 3: Expired

Most companies will automatically renew the domain name for you & send an invoice. You must pay the invoice before due date, otherwise the domain will expire. The domain name will be de-activated within 24 hours of the domain name expiring. Once a domain expires, any websites and email accounts connected to the domain name will cease to work.

Phase 4: Redemption Grace Period

When the domain name expires, it will enter a 30-day redemption period. During this period registrars will start to delete information about the domain. To restore an expired domain you must contact your registrar within the “Redemption (Grace) Period”.

Phase 5: Pending Deletion

After the 30-day “Redemption Grace Period” the domain then enters the "Pending Deletion" Phase. The domain will now be deleted from the registry, there is nothing you can do to restore a domain during this period.
You will need to wait until the name is deleted, to register it again. After this, anyone is able to register the domain.


That concludes the domain life cycle. The lesson is, if you want to keep a domain name you must renew, and pay your invoice on time.
Being on time means, you avoid high redemption fees, and reduce the risk of losing your domain name.

At Active 24 we automatically renew your domain and send you an invoice, making sure you never lose your domain.

NOTE: The deadline to cancel your domain name with Active 24 is 30 days before the expiration date.

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