Website options ACTIVE24

Website options ACTIVE24. It starts with a domain name. Then the website follows. There are several website options. Do you know which kind of website best fits your online wishes? For your convenience, we put out all possible website options at ACTIVE24. From the most simple website builder to the most advanced website systems. This makes choosing a suitable website a lot easier!

First a domain name

It starts with a domain name. The domain "" is a unique internet address (URL) that sends customers to your website. It is a mailing address. All Internet communication is via IP addresses. An IP address consists of many unique numbers, linked to a digital device. This allows different devices to communicate with each other.

People tend to remember a name better, than a numeric range. Thus, the Domain Name Server (DNS) system uses the domain name to match the numeric range. A domain name is a unique name that refers to a specific IP address.

For specific purposes, you can use a sub-domain. For example, if you want to add a blog section to your existing website, you do this with a subdomain. E.g. You can add an unlimited number of sub-domains to your existing domain name. Yet, the domain name with and without WWW are the same domain. As the content should always refer to the main domain.

Website options ACTIVE24

After that a website

After you know which domain name you want, it will be time to consider the different website options. A website is a collection of different web pages with data stored on a server, linked to your domain name.

You make the website option of your choice visible to the entire Internet with web hosting. Hosting is renting a piece of virtual space, which makes the content of your website visible. Without hosting, your website is only visible on your own computer, but nowhere else.

There are several website options. Ranging from website builders (without code) to advanced website content management systems (CMS). How do you now know which type of website best fits your online needs?

Website options ACTIVE24

For your convenience, we put out all possible website options at ACTIVE24. From the most simple website builder to the most advanced website systems:

Web Option 1: SuperPage

Registering a domain name with ACTIVE24 will give you access to the Super Page. This service is free.

  • Website option: simple
  • Level: Beginners
  • Conditions: none
  • Number of Web Pages:1
  • Purpose: online business card
  • Content: basic business information + links to your social networking or portfolio page.

Web Option 2: My Website

Do you want to create a professional website, but lack technical knowledge? Then My Website is the perfect website option for you.

  • Website option: advanced
  • Level: Beginners to Half-Advanced
  • Conditions: no basic knowledge required
  • Number of Web Pages: 3 Pages / Unlimited (Depending on Package)
  • Purpose: portfolio for individual and business site
  • Content: Full Website.
  • Limited customization: to your online wishes.

The simple drag-and-drop system will cut and paste your website together. You can choose between existing design templates. And create text, graphics and forms through the My Website panel.

The website is completely in the cloud. You do not need a separate web hosting. And you can work from your site at any location. The only condition: an active internet connection.

Web option 3: Open Source CMS with hosting

Are you going for optimal quality and professionalism? And do you also have the necessary technical knowledge? Then the Open Source Content Management System (CMS) hosting is the best web option for you. The world´s most popular and advanced website systems: WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

  • Website Option: Professional
  • Level: advanced to professional
  • Prerequisites: Basic knowledge encoding and web design.
  • Number of Web Pages: Unlimited
  • Purpose: portfolio for individual and business site
  • Content: Full Website.
  • Extensive customization: via code and web design.

You can immediately use the standard systems. Yet, it requires basic knowledge of coding and web design. Start with a basic design and adapt the website to your own insight is possible. It only depends on your technical knowledge. Expand your standard website with plugins, such as web forms, forums or web shop. Find answers to your questions through the specific support pages or the internet.

Our hosting solution provides a one-click installation system. Besides that, it supports all the technologies needed for optimal operation.
Including PHP 7.1, HTTPS certificate and Ivp6.

More information

Any questions? Contact our customer service. They are happy to tell you.

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