New ACTIVE 24 Customer Centre

New ACTIVE 24 Customer Centre. The Active24 Customer Centre is a complete and uncluttered control panel, where you can completely manage your ACTIVE 24 services on your own. Here you will find all the information about your services, orders,payments and customer data together. So you can quickly get to work.

ACTIVE 24 Customer Centre

ACTIVE 24 Customer Centre

NOTE: The majority of our clients now have access to the new 24 ACTIVE Control. Login credentials (username "client code" and password) are sent by e-mail to the contact email address. Not yet received any e-mail with new login credentials? There can be several reasons for that:

  • Email is not up to date: The e-mail was sent to an outdated email address that you no longer use.
  • Mail in Spamfolder: Check your spam folder. It can be that the email accidentally ended up in your spam folder.
  • Not yet migrated: The migration is not fully completed. We expect to complete the migration end of April/beginning of May.
  • Lack of services: You do have login credentials, but not all your services are migrated yet. Services are transferred one by one. It may be that your domain name is already transferred, but your website not yet. We expect to complete the migration late April.

The ACTIVE 24 Customer Centre contains the following elements:


Under "Services" you can see, activate or change your ACTIVE 24 services:
Services ACTIVE 24

  • Click on the service - Select Overview: here you can view your current services.

  • Click on the service - Select Overview: Click at the domain name. In the service information, please activate or change your services.

    E-mail Overview

IMPORTANT: Before you can use your services, you must first activate them. This applies among other things to create new FTP information, password change or set your email.

Orders and Payment

Under "Orders and Payment", you can order and pay your services at ACTIVE 24 from the Customer Centre. Here you can also see, store and print your proforma invoice and VAT invoice (in PDF format):

Orders and Payment

  • Click Order - The Order Summary is an overview of your services ordered by ACTIVE 24.

  • Click Payment - The Payment Summary gives you an overview of your paid and outstanding bills.

IMPORTANT : Billing information can be changed in Customer Data . To change the billing subject- ie the content of your pro-forma invoice you must send an Authorized Request from the Customer Centre.


Under "Requests" you will find a list of authorized applications, Request History, Change of customer and Change Archive. Here you can also terminate your services.

  • In " Authorized Application " you can request from the ACTIVE 24 Customer Centre to our customer support department.

  • Authorised request
  • Under "Terminate Services ", you can terminate your services with us yourself.

  • In the " Request History" overview, you can find the history of all your online applications in the Customer Centre.

  • In " Customer changes", you can change the domain or web hosting owner (client / payer).

  • In " Change Archive", you find the history overview of all change applications.

Customer data

Under "Customer data", you'll find your current customer data, as stored in the ACTIVE 24 customer database:

  • Authorization Data ACTIVE 24 customer

  • Change Password

  • Edit Data

  • Adjust Other data

  • En- or disableNewsletter

Use the link "Edit" to make specific changes and click "Save" to save the change.

NOTE: ACTIVE 24 informs its customers by e-mail about billing, service and service changes. The information is sent to the contact e-mail address, as supplied during customer registration. Make sure that this information is always up to date.

My settings

In "My settings", you can change the control panel settings:

  • settings control panel

  • General

  • Pages

  • Other data

  • Log history Customer Centre

You can set the Customer Centre in two ways:

  • Simple: You can access a limited number of options in the Customer Centre.

  • Default: You can add values and self-access to all the options in the Customer Centre.

NOTE: Choose a maximum of 30 items per page. More items will make the page load slower.


In "ACTIVE 24 Applications", you will have access to ACTIVE 24 Applications:

  • Using the FTP Manager interface, you can access the ACTIVE 24 server via FTP. It allows you to upload new files, create directories, existing files and rename or delete folders, and modify rights to individual directories and files.

  • Via the WebMail interface, you can access your e-mail addresses on the ACTIVE 24 mail server. You can use it to send and receive emails from any device connected to the internet.

  • Through the MySQL Web interface, you can manage your MySQL database ("Linux"): e.g. show database, adjust content, structure, make changes or delete tables.

  • Through the MSSQL Web interface, you can em>manage your MS SQL database ("Windows"): e.g. show database, adjust content, structure, make changes or delete tables.

  • Via PGSQL Web interface,you can manage your PSSQL database ("Linux & Windows"): e.g. show database, adjust content, structure, make changes or delete tables.


For a quick overview within the Customer Centre, go to Sitemap. Here you can find direct links to specific sections in the Dashboard..



Now you have seen the most important elements of the new ACTIVE 24 Customer Centre, you can start with confidence. What are you waiting for?

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