SSL/TLS certificates

SSL / TLS certificates increase the credibility of your website and are necessary for secure communication through HTTPS. By using them, you will find that sensitive data filled out on your website by customers (e.g., name, address, login, or credit card information) are transmitted encrypted to a domain owner who runs the site. SSL-certified websites and e-shops are also favoured in organic search, for example, on Google.

Rapid SSL

Rapid SSL

Basic certificate

Quick basic verification by the certification authority

£33.74  £29.99 per year excl. VAT

Rapid SSL Wildcard

Rapid SSL Wildcard

Certificate for subdomains

Allows all subdomains to be protected by one SSL certificate

£118.74 per year excl. VAT


More information on certificates

Rapid SSL

The most affordable SSL certificate. Validation is only at the domain verification level by sending a confirmation e-mail. Fast exposure by a certification authority, often within minutes, is an advantage. We recommend it for projects for which the speed of obtaining a certificate, the convenience of security and a favourable price are a priority. It applies where SSL communication is required, and no company verification or higher security type is required. $10,000 liability when breaking the certification.

Thawte SSL 123

Typically, the same certificate as Rapid SSL is the most affordable SSL certificate from the Thawte certification authority. Validation takes place only at the domain verification level, allowing the certificate to be issued by the certification authority within a few minutes. SSL 123 differs from Rapid SSL, particularly with a higher security value for SSL breaking. $500,000 liability when breaking the certification.

Rapid SSL Wildcard

This certificate secures the main domain and all its subdomains (e.g., *, and is also called "starred". Quick exposure based on domain verification by validating from the appropriate e-mail address is one advantage to this service. It is suitable for securing SSL communication that does not require company verification and a higher security type. $5,000 liability when breaking the certification.

Thawte Web Server (OV)

Thawte Web Server SSL certificate ensures the complete identification and company verification of that to which it is exposed, thus declaring who is the operator of such a secured website. For this reason, we recommend it for all web projects and applications for which emphasizing credibility and security is a high priority. Its usage is most common for commercial projects such as e-shops, booking systems, corporate websites or public projects. $1,250,000 liability when breaking the certification.

Thawte Web Server (EV)

It is one of the most trusted categories of SSL certificates and is displayed with a thick green bar and the name of the organization, thanks to Extended Validation (EV) in web browsers. Securing EV certificates will increase the credibility and prestige of the operator, as it is a certified authority that adheres to the strictest of standards. Usage is found in projects requiring the highest degree of credibility - in the banking and financial sector it is a matter of course. $1,500,000 liability when breaking the certification.

San SSL Web Server (EV)

Thawte Web Server with advanced verification supports SAN / UC technology enabling multiple domains to be secured with a single SSL certificate. This saves you the cost of SSL security if you need to secure multiple web projects. The advantage of this certificate is that it allows you to change and add additional domains even during the validity of the issued certificate - only the main domain cannot be changed. $1,500,000 liability when breaking the certification.

You can use this certificate as a Thawte Web Server (EV) certificate extension for additional domains, and you can order it through an Authorized request in our Customer Centre.