Terms and conditions unlimited web hosting

Our web hosting plans are designed to fully meet the requirements to host the large majority of websites intended for personal use, small to medium businesses and the needs of similar organizations. They offer unlimited data transfer and several plans offer unlimited disk space for the web. This means that we set no limit on the volume of data transferred or the amount of web space, provided that these resources are used in a conventional manner, for conventional purposes and in accordance with the ACTIVE 24 General Terms and Conditions.

Our web hosting plans are not intended for archiving, backup, sharing or synchronizing files, especially if they are not related to the hosted website, or to store material which can be downloaded via foreign websites. We are entitled to verify the compliance with these conditions at any time.

In case the volume of data transferred, the size of the occupied disk space or use of other system resources of your website will represent a risk to the stability, performance and availability of our servers, data storage, network, or any other part of our infrastructure, we may require you to reduce the load on your website or upgrade to a higher solution such as a virtual or managed server. In that case, we will give you notice ahead of time and ask for a change. In case you do not respect our appeal, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend your service to secure the stability of our infrastructure.

Web hosting packages with unlimited disk space are initially assigned with a space of 20 GB. The capacity of the allocated space is regularly evaluated and in case its use is approaching the preset limit and space is used in accordance with these conditions, we automatically increase it by 10 GB maximally once a month free of charge. The total number of files and folders in one virtual host (hosted domain) is set at 300,000 for web hosting plans with unlimited disk space.