ACTIVE 24 bonuses

One-click installer

Our web hosting plans offer all our web hosting customers a one-click installer to install WordPress, Joomla publishing systems.

Free web hosting trial 

Try ACTIVE 24 web hosting without any obligation. If for any reason you are not happy within 14 days of starting the service, we will refund you the full amount.

14-day money back guarantee

We provide a 14-day money back guarantee for the following services ordered on our website: web hosting, e-mail solution, My Website, APS, VPS and VMS servers.

Top technical quality and facilities

Check out the quality and professionalism we can offer you.

Guaranteed quality of services

If the virtual server's monthly traffic is less than 100% of the proven ACTIVE 24 fault, the client is entitled to apply penalties towards ACTIVE 24.

Free SuperPage

Each domain at ACTIVE 24 offers the ability to activate your own SupersPage with basic information, connection to social networks and contacts.

Webforward, Mailforward

Webforward redirects visitors coming to your site (domain) to any address you choose. Forwarding also functions for all subdomains. The Mailforward service redirects all e-mail coming to your domain (so-called domain basket) to any other e-mail address.