DDoS attack- Network update

DDoS attack- Network update Regrettably, over the last weeks we have not been able to deliver services to a standard expected by our customers.
We are very sorry for the disruption this has caused our customers. We are continuously working to solve these issues.

Multiple issues related to downtime.

There are multiple issues that have contributed to the downtime experienced lately. Primarily, it was a series of compound DDoS attacks that paralysed our services, and limited our ability to serve our customers.
The attacks were at a very sophisticated level, making it harder to deflect than regular DDoS attacks. In addition we are seeing an increasing amount of compromised websites with malicious intent, being used by hackers to cause disturbance.

Unfortunately, we are seeing a worldwide trend in the increase of Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and malicious sites. The purpose of a DDoS attack is to cause disruption to services and cause chaos among users, from the attack on the Dutch Government, to the Norwegian bank attack, and the Heartbleed Virus.
DDoS attacks have increased by 57 percent compared to the last quarter in 2014, and 90 percent from Q4 2013*. Unfortunately, due to the nature of hosting no company or organisation can be completely guarded against attacks. Hackers are relentless, and moving faster, and hitting harder.

Current situation is improving.

We are working continuously to maintain a high level of security on behalf of our clients. For the majority of customers we have been able to stem the most critical attacks, and return services as we work through the restoration. We understand, for the customers still affected by unstable services, this means very little and we apologise for this.

Protecting our customers and returning services is our highest priority.
We have extended and improved security measures with our engineers and external consultants.

We regret the prolonged disturbance, and thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

*Akamai Technologies' Q4 2014 State of the Internet - Security report (PDF).

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