Create a professional website in 10 easy steps

This article will show you how in 10 easy steps, you can create your own professional website using Active 24s new site builder My Website.



Step 1: Get Started

With My Website there no downloads, installation or plug-ins, and it works on most browsers- Simply login, open and get started.

  1. Give your website a name (i.e your company name)
  2. Choose a website category that suits your business
  3. Click Build it to get started
My Website Active 24 You will now see your Home Page, we have pre-populated your page with some sample text, and picture samples to get you started. Keep in mind these are just suggestions to help you get started, and can all be easily changed or removed.

Step 2: Add pages

Add additional pages to your website.

  1. The default Index page/Home page is automatically added. Think of it as a “Welcome mat” for your site.
  2. To add pages click on the green “+” then name your new page. Click “OK”, the page will be added to your site menu.
  3. Use the Navigation icon to arrange your pages and site levels.

Keep in mind that your homepage is the landing page for your website so don’t clutter it too much. The goal is to get your visitors to dig deeper, and move around through the different pages.

Step 3: Design My Website

This is the chance to customise your site and make it your own. Using pre-defined templates you can adjust the colour, font and layout of your pages. Simply go to the Style tab, choose a template from the site gallery, and start playing around with it.

My Website Active 24
  • Click Style Designer to adjust the template colours.
  • Click the Layout tab to adjust the format of your site.
  • Play around with the Page Properties options until you find your perfect design
  • *Remember to click Save Page As… to save your changes.

    Step 4: Add text

      Now we can start building site content.
    1. Go to Widgets
    2. Drag and drop the Text Widget on to your page
    3. In the Text Widget you can customise the text format using the Text Editing Toolbar
    4. Use the Picture Widget to add images from your computer.
    5. Please note: If you copy and paste directly from a program like MS Word, the formatting of the text is very likely to affect your page. The best way to avoid this, is to first copy and paste into a program like Notepad. This will remove the formatting and you can then safely paste into the Text Widget.

    Step 5: Add Widgets and more Widgets!

    Widgets My Website Active 24


  • Go to Widgets
  • Drag and drop the Widget onto your page
  • Widgets add extra functionality, and expand your website into something special. Add videos, Maps, Flicker gallery, Tumblr blog, music and more, by simply dragging and dropping Widgets onto your page.

    Step 6: Preview your work

    Previewing your site regularly will give you a good idea of how it’s all coming together. Check the site navigation flows naturally for visitors, text and pictures are in the right place, and your hyper-links work.

  • Click the Preview button Preview_My_Website_Active24

    Step 7: Don’t be afraid to make changes

    Keep experimenting with your site, try as many different combinations as possible until your satisfied. * Remember to save your site frequently to avoid losing your work. My Website will prompt you to save, but you should always save after significant changes.

    Step 8: SEO

    After all that work you want to make sure your site gets discovered. Optimise your website to make sure it comes up on search engines.

  • Go to Site tab
  • Click the Metadata icon
  • Enter in your keywords and details
  • SEO_Metadata_My_Website_Active24

    Step 9: Social media

    Seamlessly integrate your new website into your social media strategy, and publish it as a new tab on your Facebook Page.


  • Go to the Site tab
  • Click the Facebook Publishing icon
  • Enter in your keywords and details

    NB: * This option is only available for Premium Packages .


    Step 10: Publish your website.

    Exciting! Now your finally ready to publish your site.

  • Go to Site tab > Publishing options
  • Click Publish Publish My Website Active 24

    If you try to publish your site with unsaved changes, you will be prompted to save your site. Depending on the size of your website, this can take several minutes to come online.

    *Premium members have the option to optimise their site for publishing on mobile devices.


    Your website is now online! On the Active 24 support page you will find a list of FAQs to help you with any questions you may have. Topline Ventures Sitebuilder

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