Website Tips: 5 frequent beginner mistakes

You have registered your domain name and purchased a web hosting package. Now you can start with your website. Stop! Before you start building your website, first read through these website tips. They will help you avoid the five most common beginner mistakes.

1. Non-professional website

First, a non-professional website. "It only takes 3 seconds to lose a customer." That also applies to your website. The first few seconds of looking at your website are crucial for a new visitor. During this short time, you have to convince the visitor that this is the right place for their search. Web visitors will leave the page and not return if they do not find what they are looking for.

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Web design: Provide a simple, clear and professional website. Web content: Balance your content. Too much text and graphics distract visitors, however, a lack of content does, as well. Web examples: Check out other websites before you start building yours. This will give you an idea of what you want on your website.

TIP: Read "Web strategy: three basic questions for a successful website".
This will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes in the future.

2. Non-efficient language

Second, non-efficient language. Too long or short descriptions, vague language, too small or difficult to read font. These are some examples of non-efficient language. And it’s a quick way to discourage visitors from staying on your website.

Write simply, concisely and clearly. Focus on your readers. Want to know your visitors? Be kind & helpful. Check your texts for publication for grammar and spelling errors.

3. Unclear web structure

Third, unclear navigation. Many websites are confusing. Hidden links and a complex web structure make them difficult to understand. Want more visitors to your website? Structure your website in an easy to understand way so web visitors can find information on your website.

  • Website structure: Provide a clear sitemap, navigation structure and convenient search function so visitors will understand your website structure in seconds.
  • User-friendly: Use standard web layout rules to help web visitors understand how your website works.

4. Slow web pages

Fourth, slow loading web pages. You will lose many visitors if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load. But how do you improve website speed?

Several factors cause a slow website. For example:

too large images or videos, unclear website structure, the speed of the web server

You can tests your website speed yourself via Pingdom.

Enter your website´s domain name and click Start Test. After a short survey period, you can see why your website is slow. If your website remains slow, consult an expert to help you solve it.

5. Pop-ups and Auto videos

Finally, pop-ups and automatic videos. Pop-up screens that keep coming back and videos that play automatically are reasons why visitors will leave your website.

Leave this choice to your visitors.

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