Advanced website creation

Reliable web hosting: 5 expert tips
Reliable web hosting. What is web hosting and what do you need it for? Finding a reliable web host can be frustrating: all hosting companies claim to be the best, comparison sites contain conflicting information, and website owners sometimes lack technical knowledge. Therefore, here are 5 expert tips.
Website Advertising: Is it worth it or not
Website Advertising. Making money from your website is doable by every website owner. Ranging from easy and passive to advanced and hands-on solutions with lots of on-going work to do. Learn the two most popular formats and their pros and cons. And ask yourself whether Website Advertising is worth it or not.
Website SEO beginners: 5 tips to improve your website visibility
Website SEO beginners. You recently published your website. But so far it is not visited as much as you want. How do you share your website with your target audience? And get web visitors checking out and returning to your site? Here is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in handy.
We will give you five tips to improve your website visibility.
Increase website traffic: 7 ways to increase your web traffic for free
Increase website traffic. Your website is online but lacks web visitors. What to do next? No worries. There are many ways to increase your website traffic without spending a fortune. This article shows you 7 ways to increase your web traffic for free.
Responsive website: What is it and what you need it for
A responsive website is the current standard for modern web design and an absolute must have, for website owners. But what is it exactly and what do you need it for? Read on to find out.
Website Analysis: Google Analytics for Beginners
Website Analysis. You might have heard of Google Analytics by now. But as a small business and website owner, what do you need such website analysis tool for? Read on to learn how to analyse your website with Google Analytics for Beginners.