My Website Instructions of Use

My Website Instructions of Use. The time that making yourself a professional website was difficult and time-consuming, lies far behind us. Are you currently looking for a 2017 savvy website? Learn how to create a professional website yourself in 10 simple steps with My Website Instructions of Use.


1: My Website Instructions of Use: start with the basics

My website is a website solution in the Cloud. There is no need to download or install any programs for My Website. My Website plug-ins work seamlessly on multiple Web browsers. Technical knowledge and understanding of design are not required. Log into the Control Panel and you can get started immediately with the simple cloud based site builder:

  1. Choose a name for your website (e.g. Your company name)
  2. Choose the category, which best fits your expertise.
  3. Click OK to confirm your choice.
  4. You will now see your new homepage.
  5. My-Website-design-template

    NOTE: The homepage are standard texts and images added as sample design. You can customize the site content.

2: Add Extra Pages

To add additional pages to My Website:

  1. Click the "+" sign, to add Pages.
  2. Enter the webpage name:
    • The Home page is added automatically.
      This is your start page.
    • The About Us page contains personal or business information.
    • The Contact page, contains a contact information form. In this way you are not only visible, but also accessible online.
  3. Click OK to confirm your choice.
  4. The new page will be added to My Website.

NOTE: Use the Browse sign to adjust the structure of your website. Keep your homepage short, clear and simple. The homepage is designed to let visitors click through to sub-pages with detailed information.

NOTE: The number of pages varies by package. The My Website Start package contains three pages. The other My Website Packages (Standard & Premium) contain unlimited numbers of pages.

3: Design My Website
with Style Designer

The Designer Style, adjust the default template with text and image materials. To create a personalized My Website:

  1. Click Style Designer
  2. Change the website with Style Manager
    • Customize the template colors with the style designer
    • Add a title (header) and banner.
    • Change the background.
    • Add metadata.
    • Change the website navigation.
    • Save and delete web pages.
  3. Click Save to save the site changes.

4: Edit text and image

Only now The web text and graphics on my website:

Change the default web text

  • Widgets and select the Text widget.
  • Click the text box and drag widget to my website, where you want to add your text.
  • A text blog appears on the selected place. Here you can change text, add images and create links. Please use the text editor toolbar. This appears when you click with the mouse in the text blog.

NOTE: Copy and paste text NOT directly from Microsoft Word. This word processing program uses predefined markup, which can cause damage to My Website.

  • Download text editor for plain text (no markup), such as Notepad.
  • Copy and paste the text from the first Word document in Notepad. Notepad removed the preset code so that plain text is created.
  • Copy and paste the plain text secure text box.

Change the default images

  • Widgets and select the photo widget.
  • Click the Picture Widget and drag widget to my website, where you want to add your footage.
  • Replace the existing material by now your own footage. Upload images from your computer or choose from the professional photo stock footage.
  • NOTE: The option to add professional stock photos is only available in the Premium My Website packages.

    5: Add Widgets

    Widgets add extra functionality to your website. It allows you to expand your existing website with additional features.

    1. Go to the Widgets option.
    2. You can choose from different categories widget.
      So you can, among others, embed video in your website, add folders, a Flickr photo gallery, Tumblr blog or music.
    3. Drag the Widget of your choice to My Website.

    6: Preview My Website

    To preview the changes on My Website:

    1. Click Mobile Display to view My Website on Mobile devices.
    2. Click Desktop Display to view My Website on your Desktop.

    Next, ask yourself:

    • Does the structure of My Website make sense?
    • Can website visitors easily navigate through My Website?
    • Does this apply to both text, images and links?
    • Are all web links clickable?

    7: Save Changes

    Regularly save changes of My Website. Experiment with My Website: try different options, until you completely are satisfied with the end result.

    IMPORTANT: The changes are not saved automatically, when you save the changes. My website warns you to save unsaved changes. Please, always make sure, that you save important website changes between. So nothing can go wrong!

    Once you have modified your site, will you also want web visitors find your website. This is done by search engine optimization (SEO).

    • Go to Pages
    • Click Metadata
    • Enter your keywords and description of the webpage.

    NOTE: It is essential that My Website is findable throughout search engines. To do so, write the main keywords and descriptions for My Website in the My Website SEO menu. In this way, you considerably optimize the findability of My Website.

    9: Social Media

    You can My Website also visibility Social Media, among others, by publishing the website on Facebook*.

    • Settings
    • Click Publish
    • Select Publish on Facebook - Connect with Facebook .

    NOTE:*This option is only available in the Premium version.

    10: Publish My Website

    Click Publish, once you have gone through all the previous steps.
    Your website is placed directly on the Internet.

    • Publish
    • Click Publish website
    • NOTE: You can not publish my website, if you have any unsaved changes. My Website you first warning to save the unsaved changes. Only then, you can publish my website. Depending on the size of your pages, the first My Website publication may take a few minutes.

    My Website is now online visible to both web visitors and search engines.

    My Website Instructions of Use

    Now that you know how to use My Website, to create a professional 2017 savvy website in just 10 steps. Go ahead!

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