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Long term SEO reliable hosting. With your website properly, listed in search engines, like Google, is necessary for entrepreneurs. You reach with SEO! However, what is SEO? What misconceptions are there? In addition, what do long term SEO and web hosting have in common?

This article explains why the combination of long-term SEO and reliable hosting makes the difference to your online visibility!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimization'. The goal of SEO is to use the right keywords to get high in the search results, so you are easier to find for search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. You achieve this by continuously improving your website.

Google SEO

Once you type in a search in Google's pagerank, the search engine brings a ranking of the websites that are displayed. The search results are displayed based on a complicated algorithm, based on more than 200 different ranking factors. The more "relevant" your website for the search engine, the better you rank in search results.

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Google Search & SEO website

Want to optimize your existing website? You are never finished. Search engines regularly with new algorithm updates and the ranking factors also influence each other.

Google Search focuses on the benefit of websites. Google makes use of search engine robots. These robots crawl links daily by millions of websites to find the most relevant and latest information. The Google search engine then combines the most relevant, quality website to the keyword that the internet user types in the search.

SEO website

If you want to create an effective SEO strategy for your online business website, you should take into account ongoing:

  1. SEO ON PAGE: QUALITY of your website.
  2. You improve the user experience of your web visitors by optimizing the structure, technique and content of your website. Therefore, visitors will find the information to which they are looking for faster.

  3. SEO OFF PAGE: RELEVANCE of your website.
  4. You enhances and maximizes the backlinks and reputation of your website.
    This helps search engines determine which site is most relevant.

SEO misconceptions

A common misconception is "the goal of SEO is standing on Page Number 1 in Google." Although a high position is important, it is not smart to make the main objective of the SEO strategy for your online business.

No one can guarantee a #1 position on the Google search page. Besides that, a number 1 position is not sufficient. A high position in Google for keywords that nobody is looking or irrelevant search for your online business, you namely not provide additional web visitors, let alone additional conversion (read: revenue) on.

Only focus on the "first page of Google", if you also consider:

  • Other SEO purposes: o.a. the among of others, the number of visitors via organic search results and conversions.
  • Keyword Research: Google is experimenting constantly with the search results page, making search positions change fast. Regularly carry out a new keyword research is, therefore necessary.
  • Trends: Although keywords are still used, there are many, more kinds of search options: among others, text, image, voice, video, applications (apps), news and folders.

Long term SEO

Another SEO misconception is "a one-time SEO update is sufficient." The opposite is true: SEO is an ongoing optimization process in which a high ranking for your main keywords in search engines in the long term, such as Google, can achieve.

You increase the number of web visitors, and your company's revenue alone, by providing long-term, consistent small improvements to your website through the Google quality guidelines, in the field of:

  • Keyword analysis (Keywords)
  • Content (Website contents)
  • Engineering & Structure
  • User experience
  • Link building (Backlinks)
  • Social (Reputation)

Only through continuous web optimisation, you keep your website current and up to date, and thus quality and relevant to search engines like Google.


A third important SEO misconception that "hosting does not affect SEO". Since search engines think very differently. Google finds page speed (website speed) and uptime (website accessibility), important ranking factors:

Page speed

The speed of your website affects the user experience of your visitors. The longer the web visitor has to wait to load your website, the greater the chance that the visitor quits prematurely. Mainly technical factors play a role in the speed of your website:

  • Test the speed of your website using Pagespeed Insights.
  • Through this tool, you can measure the speed of your website and analyse.

  • Improve the speed of your website through:
    1. The Content Management System (CMS) software, which your website is built, has much influence on the speed of your website. Use WordPress, Joomla of Drupal .
    2. Maintain good cache.
    3. Compress images and files.
    4. Minimize code JavaScript and CSS code, among others.
    5. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
    6. Reliable web hosting is a great influence on the speed of your website. Web hosting uptime is here the most important aspect.

    Check with your web designer, to optimise these technical factors of your website. This is the speed of your website certainly benefit. No web builder? Log in to Google Search Console.


    The accessibility of your website, affects the user experience of your visitors. Is your website regularly offline by server failures or maintenance? The more the web visitor sees your website is temporarily offline, the less confidence the visitor in your business.

    • Test the Uptime of your web hosting and website through Uptime Robot.
    • Webhosting uptime- the accessibility of your website and server hosting- is one of the most important aspects of searching for a reliable web hosting. Use Free Website Monitor, to see the availability of your web hosting on mobile devices.

    You can have your SEO Strategy in order, but if your site loads too slowly or frequently offline, your efforts will lead to little improvement in search results.

    Reliable web hosting

    When optimising your website speed hardly provides results, then change to a reliable web hosting company..

    To choose a reliable hosting :

    Please answer the following questions:

    • Domain: Which domain name I choose for my website?
    • Website Space: How much space do I need for my website?
    • Website software: What software do I want to make my website?
    • Traffic: How many visitors I expect on my website?
    • Database: Do I need a database?
    • Email: Which e-mail I want to use?

    ACTIVE 24 is a European domain registration- and web-hosting provider with nearly 20 years’ experience in the hosting industry. Headquartered in Prague, the Democratic Republic of the Czech Republic opened in 1996.
    Since 2016, ACTIVE 24 also offers its services in the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany, and Spain.

    ACTIVE 24 helps entrepreneurs and SMEs to online visibility, through:

    • Domainregistration & New Domain Extensions
    • Intelligent Email
    • Cloud-based websites
    • Web site in one click: WordPress or Joomla!
    • Web Hosting
    • Server Hosting

    ACTIVE 24 offers reliable web hosting:

    • 99,98% uptime: excellent server and website accessibility
    • free SSL certificate: SSL secure connection to Linux hosting.
    • 30 GB Webspace: Unlimited webspace with Fair-user-policy
    • Web site in one click: Content Management Systeem (CMS) installatie, using One Click Installer . Among others WordPress of Joomla.

    Check out the current hosting offer at ACTIVE 24.

    Basic of online visibility

    Unfortunately hosting often overlooked in SEO. However, the combination of long-term SEO and reliable hosting makes the difference for the online visibility of your website.

    Choosing a domain name, URL and website with a reliable web hosting provider is as important as creating an effective SEO strategy for your online business website. Only through this combination, your business will actually succeed online!

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