Increase website traffic: 7 ways to increase your web traffic for free

Increase website traffic. Your website is online but lacks web visitors. What to do next? No worries. There are many ways to increase your website traffic without spending a fortune. This article shows you 7 ways to increase your web traffic for free.

optimalizácia pre vyhľadávače

1 Create compelling content

First, establish your corporate or personal blog. It is a good way to engage new website visitors with interesting content. Thanks to a blog, you can align your website through internal linking.

  • Write about issues related to your field.
  • Help to resolve other people's problems.
  • Show the sector's innovations.
  • Admit your own successes and mistakes.

Provide informative articles (create professional pictures and share videos and infographics). And make all content easy to read.

Tip 2 to increase website traffic:

2 Add titles and meta descriptions

Second, use metadata to improve text readability. These texts have a big impact on whether people will visit your website or not. It is the first information people read on search pages before visiting your website:

  • Title: 60 characters max.
  • Fill in a title for each website page.
  • Meta Description: 156 characters max.
  • Write a short and concise meta description. This "short page summary" shows your visitors what they will see once they click on your website.

Tip 3 to increase website traffic:

3 Optimise, but use keywords with flair

Third, optimise your text, but use keywords with flair:

  • Find out which keywords link to a specific web page.
  • Put main keywords and synonyms in the most important places:
    1. Head title
    2. Meta descriptions
    3. Titles and subtitles
    4. Text descriptions
    5. Text pictures
  • Give preference to readability
  • Your main goal is to write a comprehensible text for your website readers. If a keyword does not fit or the text sounds unnatural, do not use the keyword.


Tip 4 to increase website traffic:

4 Share content on social networks

Fourth, share your content on Social Networks. To gain new web visitors:

  • Choose a social network that corresponds with your website´s focus.
  • Take into consideration the specifications of the selected social network.
  • For example:
    1. Use Twitter to inform of industry news.
    2. Use Facebook to show images of company culture. A Facebook page is a must-have for businesses nowadays.
  • Show existing website content.
  • Create new content for your social network.
  • Both are there to attract new visitors to your website.

Tip 5 to increase website traffic:

5 Connect with discussions

Fifth, post on forums and discuss with potential customers. In this way, you gain their trust and strengthen your company's position as an expert in the field:

  • Build your company name.
  • Identify issues of interest for your "potential" customers.
  • Inform people and help them resolve their problem.
  • Place a relevant link to your website below your forum post.
  • But be careful that it is not seen as intrusive advertising.
  • As a result, your website traffic will increase.

Tip 6 to increase website traffic:

6 Get Backlinks

Sixth, place backlinks, links to other relevant sites.

  • Do not spam with unnecessary links.
  • Add relevant contributions to the comments below articles.
  • Only add links to trusted sites.
  • Write articles for professional magazines in the industry.
  • Arrange to exchange links with other relevant websites.

Tip 7 to increase website traffic:

7 Build an e-mail list

Seventh, build an e-mail list.

  • Give web visitors a free gift in exchange for an e-mail subscription.
  • For example An e-book with useful advice.
  • Build a database of e-mail subscribers.
  • Send regular newsletters and special offers to turn occasional visitors into regular customers.
  • Put valuable content in your newsletters.
  • Refer to blog articles, advise your readers and share interesting events not descriptions of your products.

TIP: Remember that it is far easier to keep existing site visitors or customers than gain new ones. So, take care of your existing customers' needs as well. Concentrate on keeping your customers happy.
Happy customers are your best advocates.

Now you know seven free ways to improve your website traffic, it is time to take action!

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