WordPress Plugins: 25 popular plugins

WordPress Plugins are pieces of pre- programmed code, which allows the function of your existing WordPress website to expand for e.g. SEO, Social Media and Security. Which plugins are important, what you should take into account and how to install them? That is what this blog article explains to you.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a flexible Content Management System (CMS); it offers the "beginning" Website designer plenty of possibilities to build a professional WordPress blog or website.

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Using WordPress to create a Website.

With Plugins you can add functions to the next WordPress website. WordPress Plugins are available in diverse programming languages; e.g. PHP, HTML, CSS Styles and Javascript. In this way you can extend your website, they way you prefer. Is the plugin you are looking for not available, then you can also opt to (let) create your own.

Install Plugins

Watch this video see how to install a WordPress plugin:

You can install WordPress plugins on the following three manners:

  1. Plugin Search within WordPress:
  2. Find the right WordPress plugin in WordPress.
  3. Upload WordPress Plugin:
  4. Download the plugin of choice and upload it to WordPress.
  5. Upload the WordPress plugin via FTP:
  6. drag the plugin from your local computer (left screen) to the web server (right).

#TIP: Prevent malware.
Download WordPress plugins only through the official WordPress site .

#TIP: Upload the WordPress plugin via FTP.
Use the free FTP client program Filezilla.

Plugin conditions

Please take into account the following conditions to use WordPress plugin:

  1. Do not use outdated plugins

  2. Do not install outdated plugin versions. Outdated versions, not updated for a long time, include security issues. This will increase the chances of a website hack. Do not do it! Always Update to the latest version.
  3. Always Update to the latest version.

  4. Make sure you regular update your existing plugins to the newest version. Create a backup in forehand to avoid compatibility issues.
  5. Update all plugins one by one.

  6. So you can easy identify the cause compatibility problems is the problem.
  7. Do not install plugins for unofficial or suspicious websites

  8. Unfortunately, many plugins with added malware in the script circulate free on the Internet. Hackers might get unnoticed access to your blog, website or online store as an administrator and can take over complete control. We recommend you to download plugins only from the official WordPress website.
  9. Configure plugins correct

  10. Take the time to proper configure your plugin. With just install a plugin and activate you're not there yet.

SEO Plugins WordPress

Here 14 SEO WordPress plugins for you at a glance:

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast1 provides SEO tips for your WordPress website. It fits HTML (headings,titles,subheadings) for SEO On Page Optimization and generates a sitemap.
  2. WordPress Related Posts shows related blog post, helping to improve website traffic and SEO.
  3. RDFa BreadCrumb improves search results in Google.
  4. Table Content Plus optimizes user experience through navigation menus and link building.
  5. WP Super Cache manages the cache of your WordPress website. No technical knowledge.
  6. Google XML Sitemap specifies the priority of indexing your content for Google.
  7. Broken Link Checker will scan your WordPress website automatically for broken links.
  8. P3 Plugin Performance Profiler shows how plugin changes the charging rate from affecting your website.
  9. BJ Lazy Load improves the loading speed of the website.
  10. EWWW Image Optimizer image optimizeroptimizes images in WordPress and thus improves the loading speed of the website.
  11. Compress JPEG & PNG Images compresses images without loose of quality.
  12. simple-301-redirects redirects and correct 404 errors in Google Search Console.
  13. Tweet Old Post sends traffic to older blog posts via social media automatically.
  14. Pretty Link personalizes links to an increased conversion.

Social Media Plugins WordPress

Here 5 Social Media WordPress pluginsfor you at a glance:

  1. Click To Tweet allows you to share a specific sentence in a blog post on Twitter.
  2. Social locker increases the number of times content is social shared.
  3. Google Plus Badge Widget adds Google+ profile. This plugin adds the traffic on your website as a follower on Google +.
  4. Filament indicates the number of times your post shared via social media.
  5. Disqus Comment System allows website users to add comments on their Favorite Social Media channels.

WordPress Security Plugins

Here 6 WordPress Security Plugins for you at a glance:

  1. Better WP Security enhances the security of your WordPress website few minutes. Including: inter alia detect security holes.
  2. Login LockDown limits the number of times access with the same IP address to prevent abuse.
  3. WordPress Zero Spam is a free anti-spam service.
  4. Lockdown WP Admin changes the URL Manager URL WordPress admin area so that no one can penetrate undetected on your WordPress site.
  5. Backup WordPress creates a copy of your WordPress site.
  6. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin creates a daily safety backup of Your WordPress website.

More information about WordPress:

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