Website Advertising: Is it worth it or not

Website Advertising. Making money from your website is doable by every website owner. Ranging from easy and passive to advanced and hands-on solutions with lots of on-going work to do. Learn the two most popular formats and their pros and cons. And ask yourself whether Website Advertising is worth it or not.

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The most popular formats

There are many ways of making money from your website or blog.
We discuss the two most popular formats:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most popular way of website advertisement. And the quickest way to make money from your website or blog. You can make an agreement on commission from any sale made with many different firms. Ranging from electronic stores to travel agencies and bookstores. Such as Amazon or To name a few.

How does Affiliate marketing work?

  1. Find a product or service Find a specific product or service, you like to recommend a specific firm. Upload their banner to your website to Endorse the product on your website. Promote it to your website visitors and email subscribers via a banner. This static or animated image refers to a specific website or product you are promoting.
  2. Click & Convert You will receive a certain % of the sale, only if a visitor on your website clicks on the affiliate link to buy.

2. Pay-per-Click Advertising

Google Adsense allows publishers using the Google´s advertising network on their site. It does not focus on the number of sales. Instead, Website owners and bloggers can automatically generate income. They will make money when advertisers show their ad on their specific website or blog. Or when people click on the specific Website Advertisement.

How does Google Adsense work?

  1. Read the strict Terms of Service of Google First, read the Terms of Service. It is hard to get and stay approved.
  2. Sign up for Google AdSense Second. Sign up to get access to the Google AdSense tool.
  3. Google Adsense Code Third. Google put a tracking code on your website or blog. In this way, it will be able to identify your website or blog content. After verification, it will automatically start displaying relevant advertisements.
  4. Paid per click You will get paid each time a visitor on your website or blog clicks on the advertisement. Between $0.50 and $5 per click. Depending on the amount of website or blog traffic. And the popularity of the shown advertisement.

Pros and Cons Website advertisement

Now you know the basics of the two most common website advertisement forms. It is time to take a step further. Ask yourself if website advertisements on your website or blog do or not pay off.

Pros: Advantages of Website advertisements

Why do Website Advertisements pay off? Here are three reasons:

  1. Easy earnings First, earning from above-mentioned website advertisement systems comes with limited work effort.
  2. Covering Site expenses Second, you can cover the basics of your website or blog expenses. Such as domain registration and web hosting.
  3. Reciprocal Exchange Thirds, a reciprocal link exchange with an allied business is beneficial for both. The allied business get a backlink on your website or blog. And your company get a backlink on their corporate website.

Cons: Disadvantages of Website advertisements

In contrary. These are three reasons, why Website Advertisement isn´t a good solution for your website or blog:

  1. Loss of visitors First, you might lose your potential customers. As the website advertisement redirects your visitors to another page.
  2. Disrupt clean look & feel of website and space on site Second, too many advertisements will distract your customers. Also, the space storage on your website to add content will become more limited.
  3. Reduce website's credibility hird displaying a large number of advertisement reduces your website's credibility.

Website advertisement: is it worth it or not?

Website Advertisement can be an extra asset if used wisely.

TIP: Before starting with Website Advertising, outweigh the pros and cons.

  • It is worthwhile, if:
    you already own a website or blog with significant valuable content and website traffic (average of 1.000 visits per day). As your popular website will be of great interest to potential advertisers.
  • It is NOT worthwhile, if:
    you start up your website or blog and lack content or traffic (<1.000 visits per day). You lack website traffic. Besides, website advertisement might reduce your credibility.
    Focus on the increase in content and traffic first. To help your website or blog become more visible and attractive.

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