Let’s Encrypt: free SSL-certificate

Let's Encrypt: free SSL certificate for Linux hosting packages. A secure site is indicated by the green lock icon in the URL. In the past you had to pay extra for this. ACTIVE 24 now offers Let's Encrypt SSL certificate free of charge. With this, we support both your and our security!

HTTPS protocol

ACTIVE 24 has chosen the free offer of the HTTPS protocol, because we find the opt-in form where our customers themselves have to purchase a security certificate inadequate. Other important reasons why ACTIVE 24 has chosen to add the encrypted HTTPS protocol to its Linux servers. The SSL certificate among other things fights the following:

  • Unsolicited advertising
  • Spreading Malware
  • Theft of data records
  • Cyber attacks on client-server
  • Not everyone realizes how important it is to purchase an SSL security certificate for their website. Also, not all our clients were able to use this feature. As a result, certificates are only activated on a limited number of web sites Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

    Let's Encrypt

    Lets Encrypt - SSL_ACTIVE_24UK

    Internet security is becoming increasingly important. Communications, safety and protection of website visitors is therefore no longer a choice, but a basic requirement for modern Internet.

    ACTIVE 24 supports Let's Encrypt, in its mission of Encrypted ("tagged") communication to create the new web standard . The question of the HTTPS protocol has risen sharply since the end of 2015 with the Let's Encrypt offering of a free open source SSL certificate. Now, more than 3.8 million websites worldwide use the encrypted Let's Encrypt SSL certificates.

    free SSL certificate for Linux hosting packages

    The Let's Encrypt SSL certificate is automatically installed on our Linux web hosting platform. All of our current and new unlimited Linux hosting packages, where the DNS refers to the relevant domain name, get this SSL certificate free of charge.

    IMPORTANT: Let's Encrypt is NOT available for Windows hosting.

    In order to use the free SSL security certificate your domain name servers must be registered with ACTIVE 24.

    Besides the SSL security certificate, you will get ACTIVE 24 unlimited Linux hosting and the latest stable version of PHP 7.0.

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